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The importance of having a great profile photo!

Your profile picture is an important part of your LinkedIn or web presence.

Research shows that having a picture on a profile makes it 14 times more likely to be viewed.

In a world of commerce now ruled by digital interactions, your profile photo is a chance to remind people that there is a living, breathing human being behind your online written profile.

That little round image is your first chance to make a good impression on candidates, clients or future employees— and it's a key element of your brand.

Having a recent head-shot taken by a professional photographer can make the difference between getting a break or not.

A few examples (Taken off the web) of not so good profile photos

Taken by a professional photographer (me in this case...)

A reputable photographer will ensure that the lighting is flattering - literally show you off in your best light…. This should convey the look you want to portray for your brand and personality.

Over the next few weeks, I will give you some tips and maybe even reveal some photographer's secrets to help you achieve the perfect profile photo. You could try them out with a smart-phone, or use your phone to call me and let me do the hard work!

Tip 1:

Make sure the photo looks like you!

Sounds like a strange and obvious tip but you would be surprised how many people use a photo from 10 years ago, or maybe one from uni days when they were going through a goth phase!

Your profile photo should be recent.

Tip 2:

Use a reasonably high resolution photo, at least 400 pixels x 400 pixels. You don't want a pixelated, fuzzy photo. Also avoid using a photo taken on a phone of another photo. It will look very unprofessional! On the flipside don't use an unnecessarily large file which might take a while to load online. LinkedIn allow up to 8mb but this is really too large for a profile photo.

Last tip for today

Tip 3:

Lighting.....You need to make sure your face is lit up nicely, not too bright and definitely not too dark. If you have a bright background you will look dark.

If your flash or any other light is too harsh it can enhance some features you might want to hide a little (maybe a slightly larger chin or nose, a double chin or large forehead). Good lighting can help disguise these features while bad lighting will make them appear more prominent.

So yes, LIGHTING is essential

There are a few other useful tips I will post in a few days, but if you prefer to leave it up to a professional then contact me to discuss. I have a mobile studio and am happy to come to your place of work or home and take some photos.

Visit my website:

Email me or call me

07412 953953

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