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Photography is my Passion

“For me, photography is a way to see the world from my perspective. I can tell any story I want.”

Adam Soller

Although my dad bought me my new camera when I was 11 (My passion in photography began when I was a young man travelling around the Far East after finishing my military service.  I visited so many incredible places and met amazing people which allowed me to take some pictures which I am still proud of today. I studied photography at college and used to develop my own photographs at home. Nowadays I use state-of-the-art digital cameras and the latest technology for editing and enhancing purposes but the thrill of taking photos has not diminished.

I really enjoy my work with corporate, event and family photography but I also love street photography, whether I am in London or travelling away from home, and I include a selection of my work below which is for sale in various formats. I hope you like it – let me know what you think.

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